Welcome to Party Bingo!!!!

Now you can play bingo on your iPhone or iPad (Android version will be available soon).  No more markers sliding around on paper cards or losing a ping pong ball with that all important number on it.

Digital version of Bingo for the digital age we are in.

When you register you will receive your FREE bingo game - you will be the caller.  You and your friends will then need to download the Party Bingo app in the App Store (or click the link below).  You sign in as the caller and get your Game Code.  Give this code to all the players and let the fun begin.

You can also create a customized game - check out the Information Page!!!

Party_Bingo by Digital Solutions MB Inc https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/party-bingo/id1028211094?mt=8

If you registered prior to 11/06/2017 you will need to register again to access your free game.