Party Bingo Information

 Party Bingo is a digital version of the classic Bingo game.  When you register you will receive a classic Bingo game FREE.  There is no cost to register or play the game.  The person who registers will be the caller - and everyone else will be the players.  Everyone will need to download the Party Bingo app from the App Store (Android version will be available soon).  There is a link provided below to get the app.

The caller opens the app, chooses Caller, and logs in with their login information they used when they registered.  They will see a list of all the games they have.  They will select which game they want to play - tapping it will take them to the Start Game screen.

While on this screen - the game is unlocked.  Give the game code shown to all the players.  They will enter this code and receive their randomly generated game card.  They also have the option to get a new card.

Once everyone has their card the caller will start the game.  The game will be locked and players will not be able to join the game or get a new card.  The caller will see the caller sheet and will select call.  The "balls" will roll around in the cage and the selected ball will be displayed.  Call this info out to the players.  Continue calling until a player yells "Bingo" or other chosen word/phrase appropriate for your theme.  The caller can select Sheet to see the Caller Sheet which shows all numbers that have been called.  If the Bingo is valid - the caller selects New Game.  Players will need to Clear their cards and have the option to get a new card if desired.

Note: Internet access is required to log in, select games, enter game codes, begin/end games and get new cards.

Players simply tap the square if they have the number called and it will be marked.  If they mark a number by mistake, simply tap the square again and they will have the option to unmark it.

Customized games

You can purchase customized games.  There are several customized theme games available for purchase.  You will see these options when you register and go to the Games screen.  Click on the game on the right to purchase it.

You also have the option to make your own customized game.  Simply purchase a Blank game.  You will give your name a title.  Then decide what will display in the "Free Space".  Enter your 5 headings to replace B-I-N-G-O.  Then fill in 15 words/phrases/etc. in each column.  You also have the option to sort your entries (this makes the caller sheet easier to read).

Create multiple customized games so you always have a game ready for every occasion.

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